How it Works

SavyNet provides world class marketing services through our network of elite marketing experts. If you want to learn more about the process of hiring marketing experts from us you can keep reading or contact us for more information.

How We Provide The Perfect Marketing Experts

SavyNet has created a highly effective and very efficient process of finding the perfect experts for your job. Learn more about the process below.


Extensive Consultation

We begin by discussing your project and determining exactly what kind of results you are expecting and the best routes to take to get to them. After we have obtained a full understanding of all aspects of your project we can begin to look for the right experts.

We work with you to find you the marketing experts that best suit your project needs and budget. You can hire anything from a single expert to a team that we will construct and manage for you.


Meet Your Experts

Once we have determined which experts we believe would be the perfect match for you we thoroughly explain the project and your needs to them. If they are certain they can accomplish your task we put you in contact with them.

You can discuss the project with the experts in order to ensure that you are completley satisfied with the selection and that you will be able to work with them effectively.

You are welcome to reject the selection and we will go through the process of finding you new experts as many times as you wish, but we are sure you will love our experts immediately.


Paperwork And Legal Requirements

When you are happy with the experts that we have matched you with, we take care of all the paperwork. We create an employment contract that is verified by professional lawyers.

We have a very transparent process and we always keep you updated with any changes to the documents. You are always free to make changes to the contract based on agreements between you and the experts.


Payment And Expert Management

Payment for the project is generally deposited into a safe account controlled by SavyNet at the beginning of the project. This is negotiable as larger projects may span longer periods of time and thus payments can be made in increments.

We hold the funds until you are completley satisfied with the project and at that point they are released to the expert and we take care of any extra paperwork that may go along with that.

At any point in the process if the expert is not performing to your requirements you can receive a full refund for the project.


Amazing Work!

Now you can watch as some of the world's top marketing experts complete your project.

We have put a lot of work into ensuring that we have accepted only the best experts into our network. They have all went through an interview process to confirm that they possess the highest level of knowledge and skill in their respective discipline. We have also put serious emphasis on excellent English communication skills to ensure that your experience with our experts is a truly enjoyable one.